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10 Best Gifts for Mother's Day

There are so many different kinds of mothers, but the one thing that all mothers have in common is how much they love their children. Show your Mom how much you appreciate her "uniqueness" on Mother's Day with a thoughtful gift from Cedar Lake.

Shipped to you nicely packaged in a classic box ready for wrapping, your gift will be a treasure for years to come. Shipping to Ontario for just $5.95, to other areas in Canada for just $9.95 and to the United States for just $12.95. 


1. For "Classic" Mom

Sterling Silver Tree Necklace 

Despite its name, the crabapple is a beautiful tree, both in shape and in bloomjust like our mothers. On this necklace, the crabapple's silhouette is cut by hand by the artist. A ring is formed and to create depth, and the sterling back is added. All in all this is a stunning piece. The 17" sterling silver chain passes through the pendant, adding to the interest of this necklace.

$225.00 plus tax


2. For "Cool" Mom

Etched-Steel Belt Buckle

Whether your mom is a road-warrior on a motorcycle, road bike or mountain bike, she will appreciate this unique gift that communicates her passion. Here a bike chain is etched classically on a heavy-duty steel belt buckle.

Buckle is 3" x 2" and will work with any belt that is made for a buckle. This buckle will surprise you with its weight and its quality. Cedar Lake also carries quality leather belts that are sold separately.

$39.95 plus tax


 3. For "Flower Child" Mom

Agate Bracelet

A bright everyday bracelet that will wow Mom every time she wears it. She can't help but feel good wearing this one with its multiple shades of orange that catch the light, and the tree of life charm.

Your 1950s or 60s-born Mom will also appreciate that the designer is a Métis person who since childhood has been more at home in the woods, and in nature, than in most places.

$39.95 plus tax


4. For "Crafty" Mom

Handmade Pottery Knitting Jar

A joy for any knitting Mom or Grandma who enjoys distinctive ideas for and in her craft work. This vessel holds the wool in style, with a spot for knitting needles too. Its unique design means that it will look good in any setting. A wonderful gift for your creative Mom or Grandma. Size: 6.26" x 6" (includes handle)

$45.95 plus tax


5. For "Artistic" Mom

Sterling Silver Twig Necklace

The inspiration for this unique piece comes from the art of nature—tree branches and twigs. The sterling silver "branches" are soldered into place and each tip is heated to create balled forms at the ends. The entire piece is finished with an unusual dark oxidized finish, polished to create highlights. This is a stunning handmade piece that is equally eye-catching at a black-tie event or with jeans and a t-shirt.

$165.00 plus tax


 6. For "Memory-minded" Mom

Classic Journal or Scrapbook

With an exquisite Chiyogami (Japanese silk-screened paper) cover and complementary colour inside covers, this book is perfect for Mom to use as a scrapbook or journal and is made using the centuries-old technique of coptic binding. Durable Irish linen thread binds 80 blank pages of 70lb acid-free text paper into this pretty piece and allows the book to lay flat when open.  Size: 9" x 6 1/4".  

$32.95 plus tax


7. For "Cottage-Loving" Mom

Etched Steel Muskoka Tree Necklace

What could be more representative of the northern Ontario landscape that Mom loves than a wind-swept pine tree. Here it is etched beautifully on a light-weight brushed steel pendant with black leather cord - a wearable piece of art and a perfect reminder of the cottage.

Pendant is approximately  2" x 1". Cord is adjustable to maximum length of 20".

$25.95 plus tax


8. For "Travelling" Mom

Map-Cover Journal

With a reclaimed vintage map cover, atlas listings on the inside covers and an exotic paper backing this sketchbook or journal is a one-of-a-kind book, and perfect for the Mom who loves to travel. The centuries-old technique of coptic binding binds 80 blank pages of 70lb acid-free text paper into this special piece for creative writing, sketching or saving those special notes, articles and messages. Size: 11 3/4" x 9 1/4".

$44.95 plus tax


PI Belt Buckle

9. For "Science-Geek" Mom

Pi Etched-steel Belt Buckle

Celebrate your Mom with Pi. Is your Mom a Scientist or a Mathematician? Show her you understand her passion with this fun belt buckle. The buckle will fit any belt designed for buckles.

Cedar Lake also carries Canadian leather belts if you would like to add a belt to the gift.

$39.95 plus tax


10. For 'Trendy" Mom

Felted Wool, Silk and Cotton Scarves

These unusual one-of-a-kind wool and silk scarves are made by hand in Nepal. The combination of the two natural materials (Sari Silk and Merino Wool) makes a scarf that is both warm but lightweight. This stunning accessory can be worn almost year-round and the many complementary colours in its weave means it is incredibly versatile. Size: approximately 15" wide and 72" long.

$54.95 plus tax




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