Pookie Toquie Baby Hat - Red

$19.95 CAD $24.95 CAD

Could this little toque be any cuter? Lined with cozy matching plaid flannel this funny little hat will keep that precious little head warm. The "feet" of the had can be worn each tied in a knot to make the Princess Leia or bear. The hat turned inside out gives the baby a flannel hat with ear muffs. The "feet" tied together on top makes its own statement. A hat with many personalities, just like your baby. Great for babies up to 3 years.

Tony Pook and Kevin McCotter are the founders of Pook Toques, based in London, Ontario, Canada. With Tony’s creativeness, and the enormous brain power of Kevin, the match was sure to be a winner. Having known each other since birth (Tony’s father Dr. Pook delivered Kevin into the world), they have gone to school together, played sports together, and travelled parts of the world together. The original idea for the sock hats came out of some horsing around with some old socks, but it has grown into a successful Canadian story about ingenuity and taking some risks.

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