Watercolour and Ink Painting - "Halls Lake Swimming Hole"

$295.00 CAD

"Halls Lake Swimming Hole" 

Halls Lake is located in the Algonquin Highlands region of Haliburton County in Central Ontario, part of cottage country. The vivid blues and greens of this watercolour and ink work express the vivid colours of summer at those special places that are held in memories long after summer is over. At this particular swimming hole, the rope swing attached to the birch tree came closer and closer to the water each year as the tree gradually released its grip on the shore. This painting captures the summer the rope finally hit the water's surface. 

Framed in a black wooden frame, the painting measures 11" x 14" and with matte and frame, 17" x 21".

The Artist: Ralf Wall, aka Raflar (the Wanderer) is a Kitchener, Ontario artist who loves the great outdoors. Painting landscapes out in the wild is one of his greatest pleasures. Most of his watercolours are painted on location (en plein aire) in order to capture the ruggedness of the trees and rocks, the moodiness of the clouds and water, the energy felt from the warmth of the summer sun or the biting winter cold wind. These are the elements he depicts in his paintings. “My goal is to bring back a little bit of the outdoors so that people can share a connection with nature in their homes and workplaces.”

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